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Creates e-books and e-magazines with page flip effect from PDF files
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Creates e-books and e-magazines with page flip effect from PDF files. If you need to convert you PDF file into a Flash e-book that you can publish on your website, or you simply want to read it in an animated way, you can use aXmag Professional to achieve it. This is a light and easy-to-use software tool that basically converts any PDF file into a SWF Flash animation and embeds it in a blank web page.

The program allows you to configure all the conversion-related parameters in several steps. On the initial screen you can select your source PDF file, change the proposed output folder, and see a small preview of all your PDF pages, too. On the second screen, you are asked to specify what the pages in your PDF file look like – you can choose among "One page on each PDF page", "Two pages on one PDF page", and "One page then two pages on one PDF page". You can tell the program here also whether the first page of the PDF is the cover page or not, and if there is a printing cutline on your PDF pages.

The next screen lets you choose between adding the 3D flip effect to your e-book or simply apply a scrolling reading feature without animations. If you go for flip effect, you need to decide if you want it to show a single page or two pages per screen, so that it looks like as if you were, in fact, reading a book. In addition, you may want to add a sound effect and/or a paper-folding 3D effect to the page. Finally, on the last screen you can configure more general parameters and details. For instance, here you can set the output language, a company name or a logo to appear in the top-left corner, and background music and images. Moreover, you can add the title and author of the document, enable the readers to print it (or not) and package it into an EXE file.

Even though aXmag Professional may turn out to be very helpful for many professionals – especially writers – its price is probably a bit high. The only differences between the professional and standard versions are that the professional version supports any video embedded in the source of PDF, and that it allows you to generate an EXE output file. Both versions are compatible with Windows 7.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Supports video embedded in the source of PDF files
  • Allows you to generate an EXE output file
  • Windows 7 compatible


  • Might be too expensive for many people
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